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Discover our Programmatic Advertising Service for effective and automated ad placements. We maximize your reach and improve the targeting accuracy of your online advertising through cutting-edge technology, AI, and customized strategies. With our own white and black lists containing thousands of domains, along with advanced filters, we ensure maximum brand safety and quality for your brand(s). Benefit from our exclusive Swiss Reach Network for access to a broad and high-quality Swiss audience. Achieve your marketing goals more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

Programmatic ADV

Paid Media 360

Benefit from our centralized campaign management and a dashboard with live results to effectively control your campaigns. With us, you have a single point of contact for all online channels, allowing you to trustingly allocate your budget into our hands. We monitor and manage media performance and placements while you receive a clear and concise invoice. All information is transparently available to you, ensuring you are always informed about your campaign progress and can make well-informed decisions. Thanks to our many years of experience, we optimize your channels with the best strategies and tactics to save budget, achieve better results, or both.


AI Artificial intelligence

We don't rely on algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence just because they are trendy; we have been successfully utilizing these technologies for over 10 years. This long-standing expertise allows us to create unique benefits and advantages for our clients. Our proven cookieless solution "Identity" has been in use for years and is now realizing its full potential. Artificial intelligence helps us sift through immense amounts of data and optimize campaigns in real-time based on our strategies, tactics, and clients' goals. Through continuous learning and adaptation, it enables precise and efficient targeting of campaigns to the needs and behaviors of the target audience.


Creative & Versioning

Enhance your advertising impact and engagement with our creative ad formats and special formats for impactful campaigns. We offer aesthetic concepts that convey your brand promise and achieve campaign goals. Scalability is our key: automate the production of creative versions and utilize our AI-based labeling solution. Execute endless message variations through dynamic elements, including headlines, offers, calls-to-action, images, and more. Deliver the right message in real-time across the web, social media, and CTV.


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