Online Marketing Successfull Simplified - Est. 2009.

How Do You Successfully Bring 15 Online Experts & Over 3'000 Online Channels To The Point?

With 1 address and 1 contact person. MediaBros. Swiss online media partner with expertise on over 3,000 online platforms, social media, video channels and search engines. We ensure the online presence of our clients' brands. With the right brand, at the right time, with the right user, the right message on the right platform. Regionally. National. Internationally. 24/7. With the campaigns entrusted to us, we regularly outperform standard market results. Year after year. Consistently & reliably. We increase efficiency & reduce costs. Successful together since 2009.

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«Joint success and absolute satisfaction is not only fun for everyone involved it is also the best and most sustainable collaboration contract you can have. Surprise customers again and again with quality and above-average performance. Inspire. Creating sustainable growth for our clients. That is our drive and motivation.» Ivano Celia, Founder & CEO MediaBros.

Why Customers Love To Work With MediaBros

Communicate intelligently with prospects and potential customers instead of with unqualified users. With artificial intelligence, competence and many years of proven experience. Ready to take your efficiency, agility and predictable success to the next level? Outperform the market smartly and elegantly with MediaBros. Save costs, budget, time and hassle.

Plannable, Reliable Company Growth

High-flyers come and go. MediaBros creates - with data-driven marketing - plannable, measurable business growth. Fair, discreet and reliable. Since 2009.

Better Results & ROI Return On Investment

Most of MediaBros' new clients already had an online agency. Were dissatisfied. Were looking for the difference. Found MediaBros and stuck with it. Success is fun. Appetite for more. Win/win.

Clear, simple structures & know-how = success

Know-how combined with simple structures and great tools. Simple success. Our clients get more quality, intelligence, dynamism, agility, speed, reliability, efficiency and success for the same or less money.

Overview Of The Most Important Services

Smart Guidance Inside...

training-project-consulting (1)-1

Outgrow from campaigns, promotions and media planning and establish marketing as an automated flywheel.


Define clear target groups and measurable marketing goals from corporate objectives and subordinate them to everything else.


Planning framework as result of target group, goals, time factors, resources & budget. Stick to it and don't get bogged down unnecessarily!

MediaBros is our clear number 1 because they are able to constantly reinvent themselves and hold their own in the ever-changing online world. Cool Dudes! Competent and innovative.
With MediaBros we have found an online partner that meets all our criteria. Because we can rely completely on MediaBros, we gain important freedom for the tactical and strategic optimisation of our online and offline campaigns. A long-standing mutually beneficial cooperation in which we pursue the same goals: Better results from online campaigns, while maintaining high quality and consistent budgets. With the support of MediaBros, we exceed the expectations of our advertising clients again and again. This makes online advertising simply fun!