Website Redesign Service

Websites are no longer just a digital business card. Customers expect more. Individualization, intelligence, the right content at the right time. Where do you stand with your website? Use our free SEO check.

Website Redesign Service

Strategy & Tactics

It truly no longer takes witchcraft to renew a new website efficiently, quickly and with the greatest possible effect. A clear idea of the 10 most important aspects and a structured plan. Our customers can attest.


To fly a plane, you need a few important instruments. This is no difference in online marketing. A website is only one single instrument. That is why we love intelligent cockpits that connect all relevant instruments. A normal CMS is out of the question.


An intelligent website automatically supports marketing and sales in order to filter and qualify employees, existing customers, competitors, interested parties and potential new customers. Better understand the right timing and expectations.

Sales Process

The difference between a normal website and a Marketing & Sales activated website is its consistent focus on the buying process of ideal and desired customers. Boost sales with an appropriate structure and dynamic content.

Dynamic Content

A website with dynamic content is the supreme discipline. Google, Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, and Spotify all work with dynamic content. Users see different content depending on their personal interests and behavior. Rocket science for SMEs!

Sales & Service Support

A good website not only helps to sell more effectively and successfully, but also to make companies more profitable and intelligent. To digitalize, simplify and automate processes and to increase efficiency & intelligence for the benefit of all.

For us, a website is a means to an end. One instrument among many, within an integrated inbound marketing strategy. Our websites can adapt dynamically to each individual visitor based on preferences and CRM data and are intelligently linked to all relevant marketing and sales tools. Any other way just doesn't make sense for us.

Website Redesign Know-How

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Website Redesign Articles

Interesting background information, tips and opinions on relevant aspects of website redesign.

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Facts, advantages, benefits

Facts, advantages and benefits of website redesign for companies, entrepreneurs, brands.

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Briefing Website Redesign

Use our online briefing form to structure and plan your website redesign project with us.

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Most of our customers are completely surprised how easy, fast and uncomplicated it is to launch a new intelligent state of the art website.