Programmatic Advertising Service

NASA technology: The most precise control over programmatic campaigns, thanks to technology with exclusive planning and analysis systems originally developed for space missions.

Programmatic Advertising Service

Strategy & Tactics

Using a structured briefing, an individual strategic and tactical plan is drawn up for each programmatic campaign. Campaigns are based on goals, objectives, target audience, duration, budget and relevant market factors.


Exclusive NASA planning system, which was originally created for space missions, is the intelligence behind MediaBros' programmatic campaigns. Supported by advanced scientific analysis tools for accurate predictions and ROI

Programmatic Layers

MediaBros uses the entire range of Programmatic Inventory as needed. Open RTB, Ad Networks, Private Deals and many more. Quality and performance are always our top priority. Net and gross reach tactically considered.

Data Science

Data science, combined with experience, know-how and enormous commitment, is what makes MediaBros Programmatic campaigns so effective. We regularly exceed market results and our clients' expectations.

Swiss Reach Network

Target the best of the Swiss Network with access to the Swiss Reach Programmatic Network, the highest quality rankings, publishers, quality, reach and visibility at an absolutely fair price. Created and refined from 10 years of experience and hundreds of campaigns.

Brand Safety

100% tracking & transparency. Assignment of each impression/click. High quality filters and safety shields to ensure brand safety. 97 % Fraud Free Guarantee. Exclusive Best Performing White- and Black-List with thousands of domains. Only for MediaBros customers.

In 2010, MediaBros launched the first Swiss re-targeting network, even ahead of Google. MediaBros is the Swiss No. 1 partner for Programmatic Advertising providing measurable and successful support to national and international SMEs and large companies with Programmatic Advertising services.

Programmatic Advertising Know-How

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Expert Programmatic Articles

Interesting background information, tips and opinions on relevant aspects of Programmatic Advertising.

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Factsheet Programmatic

Facts, advantages and benefits of Programmatic Advertising for companies, entrepreneurs, brands.

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Briefing Programmatic

Use our online briefing form to structure and plan your Programmatic Advertising campaign with us.

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Speak with a Programmatic expert

Found out now whether Programmatic Advertising could be right for your company or tell us about your goals and challenges. Time well invested on both sides.