Display Advertising Service

Holistic Paid Media Planning. Organized simply and efficiently by experts. Everything needed for campaign management in one source. Comparable results through consolidated reporting and alpha tracking.

Display Advertising Service

Strategy & Tactics

Using a structured briefing, an individual strategic and tactical plan is uniquely created for each display campaign. Based on goals, objectives, target audience, duration, budget and relevant market factors.


We use a central cockpit for optimization, comprehensive campaign tracking, consolidated analysis and management of display campaigns. This allows us to ensure metrics are accurately comparable and produce effective insights.

Paid Media Layers

MediaBros works with all relevant paid media placements. National and international publishers, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and more. MediaBros is always independent and autonomous. Blind networks are generally excluded.

Data Science

Standard and advanced analytic tools to maximize performance and achieve the right insights and interpretations from display campaigns. Live dashboards and automated reports are available for our clients.


We were the first Swiss display advertising agency to address viewability in the industry. We only purchase placements that are in the visible area of websites and can be seen by potential buyers. We actively control this and ensure ROI for our clients.

Brand Safety

One of the most important concerns is to ensure that your online advertising campaign is only shown in environments that you explicitly want. With MediaBros, every company and brand has its own exclusion list. Since 2009 we have been providing brand protection for companies.

Since 2009 MediaBros has been planning display advertising campaigns for renowned Swiss clients - by the rule of art. Ensuring the visibility of their advertising campaign in the right environment and actively protecting brands from appearing in the wrong environment.

Display Advertising Know-How

Analysen, Meinungen, Best Practice, Videos

Expert Display Ad Articles

Interesting background information, tips and opinions on relevant aspects of display advertising.

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Facts, Advantages, Benefits

Facts, advantages and benefits of display advertising for companies, entrepreneurs, brands.

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Briefing Display Ads

Use our online briefing form to structure and plan your display advertising campaign with us.

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