Inbound & Marketing Automation Service

The rapid growth of intelligence and automation in marketing and sales is unstoppable. Those who are already equipped for the future are set to benefit. SMEs now have the resources and tools to keep up the same pace as much larger companies.

Inbound & Marketing Automation Service

Strategy & Tactics

Consulting & Coaching. Inbound marketing is a pull marketing method that systematically and sustainably helps companies to bring the right users to their website, convert them into prospects/leads and engage existing customers.


In order to implement inbound marketing methods, marketing automation and dynamic-intelligent content, the use of appropriate advanced tools is necessary. For this purpose we use an unrivalled platform that can do everything. HubSpot.


Syncing processes and data correctly is not only efficient, but above all intelligent. Making relevant and better decisions at the right time is the result. Achieve sustainable results by re-engineering business processes.

Align Marketing & Sales

An essential success factor of inbound marketing is the convergence of marketing and sales. Clear allocation of tasks, structuring of processes as well as measurement and identification of influencing factors.  Systematically create more corporate success.

Buyer Persona

Clearly defined segmentation of all content and campaigns targeting stakeholders & buyer personas (ideal and desired customers). This is not only effective and efficient, but absolutely economical for achieving corporate goals.

Smart Money

A crucial differentiator for successful companies is the ability to communicate to the right prospects, at the right time, with the right message and the right solution. This data driven process drastically increases success rates and results.

Systematic and accurately forecasted company growth with inbound marketing and marketing automation. We create measurable success for companies. Digitally. Since 2009.

Inbound Marketing Know-How

Analysen, Meinungen, Best Practice, Videos

Inbound Marketing Articles

Interesting background information, tips and opinions on relevant aspects of inbound marketing.

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Facts, Advantages, Benefits

Facts, advantages and benefits of inbound marketing and marketing automation for companies, brands and decision-makers.

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Briefing Inbound

Use our online briefing form to structure and plan your inbound marketing with us.

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Inbound and marketing automation together with Programmatic Advertising are currently the most important achievements and initiatives for a better user experience.