Die besten Ergebnisse, dank bestens abgestimmtes Digital Ecosystem.


Digital Ecosystem Exclusive

Long-standing and professional relationships with key partners, characterized by honesty, fairness, competence, transparency, quality, trust, reliability and independence form the foundation of MediaBros' exclusive Eco System, a compilation of best-in-class companies and services as well as exclusive technology from NASA space research. With the Eco System MediaBros ensures the holistic coverage of digital and offline media in highest quality and with best performance. Creates competitive advantages and unique selling points for its customers. A concentrated load of know-how as well as best practice, which is nevertheless increasingly appreciated and appreciated by national and international companies from Switzerland and abroad.


Programmatic Platform. NASA technology for the control, management and optimization of Programmatic Advertising campaigns.


AdServing platform for the orchestrated control, management, tracking and overview of online campaigns.


Inbound marketing & automation platform for predictable business growth, no compromise. Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub.

bubbly factory

Sparkling communication and event agency with incredible business network, negotiating power, charm and media expertise.


zauberküche marketing solutions

Creative marketing, media and tool strategists with enormous motion picture expertise. Huge implementation power thanks to media and purchasing network.

Project Competence

Strategists for Digital Transformation with decades of project management experience and expertise in IT infrastructure Ecosystem.


Swiss Publishers

MediaBros is certified with all relevant Swiss publishers (publishing houses), maintaining close relationships. Always updated on latest information and best packages.


Largest Internet reach and user database in Switzerland. MediaBros is in active exchange with Facebook to always use the best opportunities for customers.


Nobody can get past Google anymore. Online promotions, inbound and SEO strategies are completed tactically targeted and very efficiently with Google Ads. Known how.