Digital/Online Consulting & Coaching

Consulting & coaching both national and international companies since 2009 as an integrated component. More and more clients come to us for a second opinion or rethink their strategies with our independent and transparent consulting.

Digital/Online Consulting & Coaching Service

Strategy & Tactics

Methodically organize and structure digital/online strategies. Achieve corporate, marketing and sales goals. Where do you stand as a company and how quickly do you want to go where? This is key for establishing strategy, effort, technology and budget.

Health Check

Fast, uncomplicated and to the point, we carry out health checks of digital/online instruments, strategies and tactics for companies. Structured analysis of the existing digital/online situation as a basis for identifying the need for action and rethinking goals.

Second Opinion

The independence, autonomy, transparency and non-political behaviour of MediaBros is praised and appreciated by customers. A second opinion is highly recommended from time to time, when making important decisions or budgeting.

Task Force

A great advantage of external digital/online experts - apart from Alta Vista - is that you can get the right experts into projects and task forces at the right time and thus intelligently strengthen and enhance internal resources.

Alta Vista

Distance helps to create an overview and transparency. As external digital/online experts, we successfully conceptualize new ideas, approaches and strategies. We have the opportunity to compare with previous cases and best practices to maximize efficiencies.

Trend Scouting

Part of our job is to constantly question, challenge, test and evaluate strategies, technologies and trends. As conscientious Swiss, we do this with a healthy degree of scepticism.

Are you open to digital/online processes? Are you an entrepreneur or decision maker in a company and not sure how to get started or what you are looking for, where you are standing and/or where you could go? Get in touch with us or have a look at our uncomplicated Starter Packages.

Digital/Online Consulting Know-How

Analysis, opinions, best practice, videos

Digital/Online Expert Articles

Interesting background information, tips and opinions on relevant aspects of Digital/Online in general.

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Analysis, opinions, best practice, videos

Facts, Advantages, Benefits

Facts, advantages and benefits of Digital/Online in general for companies, entrepreneurs, brands.

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Analysis, opinions, best practice, videos

Briefing Display Ads

Use our online briefing form to structure and plan your digital/online instruments.

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Talk to one of our Digital/Online Media Experts

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