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Digitale Transformations Partner
Cutting Edge Online Trading Plattform
Schweizer Marketing & TV Agentur
Schweizer Hilfswerk
Kommunikations- & Event Agentur
Beliebteste und meistverkaufte Kreditkarte der Schweiz
Projektmanagement Software für Dienstleister
Schweizerische Dienstleistungsorganisation für Lunge und Atemwege
Ausbildung von Berufen in der Pflege
Grösster BMW und Mini Händler der Westschweiz
Ricoter Schweizer Recycling Erde
Hauert Schweizer Dünger
Internationales Rekrutierungsmarketing & Personal Management Technology
Schweizer Tabak Industrie - Internationales Unternehmen mit nationalen Wurzeln
Automobil Club der Schweiz
High End Bikes made in Switzerland

Success Stories

A small selection of the challenges our clients face and our solutions with have provided.


Using digital & programmatic advertising to market credit cards.

Marketing credit cards with online & programmatic advertising

Objective: Acquisition of credit card applications or new customers with the help of Display & Programmatic Advertising, in compliance with defined CPA cost-per-action or CPA cost-per-acquisition.

Challenges: Mature, competitive market with many FINMA restrictions in banking regarding data tracking/analysis sensitivity.

Solution: Strengthening of specific environment bookings and offline measures through intelligent programmatic advertising campaigns.

Quick Facts

  • Mature mass market
  • B2C
  • FINMA Restrictions
  • Programmatic advertising and complete display campaign management
  • Strategic & Tactical Consulting
  • Trend scouting
  • Continuous performance increase YoY since 2010
  • Cornèrcard is the most used and most popular credit card in Switzerland


Fundraising Charities with display/programmatic advertising

Goal: Addressing social circumstances and sensitive issues. Publicizing aid projects and generating donations.

Challenge: Limited financial resources with high ROI return on investment targets.

Solution: Precise target group analysis with corresponding campaign setup. Combination of awareness and performance alignment of the online advertising campaign.

Quick Facts

  • Sensitization to social issues, tragedies and disasters
  • B2B & B2B
  • Limited budget
  • High expectations of ROI return on investment
  • Donate via online campaigns
  • Combination of awareness raising & performance
  • HEKS is the relief organisation of the Swiss Protestant Churches and ZEWO certified


Increase frequency of visitors & test drives in retail outlets 

Targets: Sales campaigns with display and programmatic advertising campaigns. Selective frequency increase on certain days and generation of test drives of targeted vehicle segments.

Challenges: Extremely regional restriction and specific target groups for individual car models (segments). Reaction to the exact day demanded by users. Limited budgets.

Solution: Regional targeting of premium display advertising placements, supplemented with artificial intelligence (programmatic advertising campaigns).

Quick Facts:

  • B2C & B2B
  • Combination of regional and selective target groups for individual branches
  • Successful sales campaigns with online advertising campaigns
  • Specific segmented promotion to sell the right stock to the right stores at the right time
  • Generation of precise frequencies, for test drives
  • Facchinetti Automobiles is the largest car dealer in Western Switzerland for BMW, Mini and Maserati as well as BMW Moto


Brand announcement, increase in reach & frequency

Targets: Increase awareness of the high-end bicycle brand Thömus from Oberried/Bern. as well as increase the frequency of visitors for in-house events and sales campaigns with programmatic advertising and social media campaigns.

Challenges: Although it is a well established brand, Thömus is still relatively unknown outside the core target group and the greater Bern area, and the highest Swiss quality also has its price.

Solution: Socio-demographic targeting and combination of social media with Programmatic Advertising. Selective maximum visibility with the relevant target group on the Internet, before events for the purpose of publicity and increasing frequency. Supplementing your own reach/network.

Quick Facts:

  • At the moment Thömus is mainly known among connoisseurs and in the greater Bern area
  • Highest Swiss quality has its price
  • Limited budgets
  • B2C
  • Reach increase with the help of social media and programmatic advertising campaigns, as a supplement to the own network
  • Maximum visibility with the relevant target group on the Internet before events
  • Announcement of events, novelties and brand/branding
  • Increasing the frequency of visitors at events
  • Online campaigns as sales support

images (3)

Digital promotion for the online shops of the snus brand EPOK and the e-cigarette Vype

Targets: Direct sales via the company's own online shops should be made known, promoted and increased. Branding, awareness and sales.

Challenges: The tobacco industry is extremely heavily regulated by law.  Communication possibilities are very limited and highly regulated. BAT British American Tobacco Switzerland (founded 1814) has extremely high ethical standards and limits itself with even higher guidelines than the law requires.

Solution: Programmatic advertising for smart campaigns, combined with extremely precise targeting, to exclude young people, pregnant women and topics such as sports, lifestyle and much more. Use of exclusive white- and blacklists with thousands of domains, which MediaBros has actively maintained for 10 years. Extreme traffic and sales increase of the shops, despite difficult communication, in compliance with all legal and BAT own regulations and laws.

Quick Facts:

  • B2C
  • Drive traffic to online shops
  • Restricted communication possibilities due to strict laws and even stricter self-applied restrictions
  • Guaranteed exclusion of sensitive target groups such as children, young people under 18 years of age, pregnant women, sports and lifestyle environments, etc.
  • Use of MediaBro's own white- and blacklists with thousands of domains and over 10 years of active maintenance
  • BAT British American Tobacco is one of the world's largest tobacco manufacturers and with BAT British American Tobacco Switzerland has been nationally anchored since 1814